It feels like only yesterday when lefties were falling all over themselves to determine the motivations of those responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing.

Oh, wait. It was only yesterday. Strange, then, how the tides have turned. Since learning that the suspected bombers are Chechen Muslims and not white Tea Partyers (sorry, Michael Moore), suddenly the Left is no longer interested in focusing on motive:

Oh no? That’s not what you said earlier this week, pal.

Serious, you guys.


The best part, though? Sirota’s not alone:

Shhhhh! We can’t talk about that!

Tell us more, Cenk.

And lefties know all about taking the easy route.

It is sad. Almost as sad as these clowns’ feverish backpedaling:


Oh, my.

Don’t tell that to the Atlantic Wire, which tweeted out this festering fail pile:

Time to get schooled:

Yeah, how about NPR?

Network “real reporters” were also having a rough time facing reality. Can you blame them? Now that it’s clear that the Tea Party wasn’t behind the bombings, their narrative has been shot to hell:

Anyone up for a stroll down Memory Lane?

Does Detective Andrew Sullivan’s forensic expertise extend beyond women’s reproductive organs? Maybe the MSM should summon him for help cracking this confounding case!

It’s quite amazing. If by “amazing,” you mean “exactly what we’d expect from the Left.”



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