Bette Midler is still unhappy about the failure of the Manchin-Toomey background check amendment.

We’ll spare you the multi-tweet litany naming all of the Senators who voted the package down, but her middle-schoolish attack on Montana Democrat Max Baucus is worth a little attention.

Turncoats always seem to take the worst abuse. The funny thing is that Baucus was far from the only Democrat to vote against the bill. Yet for some reason, the great and powerful Midler decided that he was the one in need of a threshing. What makes him worse than fellow Democrat Senators Begich, Pryor,  and Heitkamp?

Oh, well. We stopped trying to figure out Bette Midler’s logic a long time ago.

Editor’s note, 11:32 pm ET: We fixed a typo in the headline.