While former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) was appearing alongside President Obama in the Rose Garden as he scolded the Senate for failing to pass expanded gun control measures, her husband, Mark Kelly, was having better luck in Delaware lobbying for universal background checks. The state senate voted 13-8 this afternoon to approve a bill requiring background checks on buyers in private gun sales.

Despite claims that 90 percent of Americans (or more) support universal background checks, Delaware Online reports that “advocates for the state bill were far outnumbered by opponents at Wednesday’s hearing” at which Kelly testified.

Gov. Jack Markell called Wednesday’s vote in D.C. “an opportunity squandered.”

On Monday, the Delaware State Senate voted 15-6 to eliminate a five-year waiting period for reinstatement of voting rights to felons convicted of non-violent crimes. Some called the legislation the “Restoration of Rights Bill.”

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