Salon’s David Sirota climbed out from under his rock again tonight, this time to berate conservatives for showing sympathy for the Boston Marathon bombing victims. Seriously.

Apparently, Sirota lacks the emotional intelligence to comprehend that people can disagree without wanting each other slaughtered by terrorists. Hence, conservatives should not care about those injured or killed in Boston. Normally this line of reasoning would be shocking — but then again this is a guy tasteless enough to publicly wish that the Boston bomber come from a certain ethnicity.

Yes, a lot of conservatives disagree with the way Massachusetts governs itself, and sometimes we even mock their elected officials, but how that translates into wishing death on people is beyond us. Following that logic, Sirota should be absolutely giddy about the deadly explosions in Texas, but we doubt that he is.

Here’s his most priceless line:

Does this man not realize that the GOP presidential candidate in the most recent election was a former Governor of Massachusetts? What about the Scott Brown Senate campaign? Remember that?

Oh, and we almost forgot that the term “Tea Party” is derived from an anti-tax protest in … you guessed it … colonial Massachusetts.

We’re not sure what’s rattling around in Sirota’s mind, but thank goodness there are good people on Twitter to prove him wrong.