As Twitchy reported, Manchin-Toomey gun control legislation failed in the Senate this afternoon by a vote of 54-46. Gun-grabbers immediately started once again politicizing Newtown.

Actor and writer Wil Wheaton kept it a bit shorter. Stay classy, Wil.

He wasn’t done, though.

Yes. However, it seems he needs to rely on the words of others. He is frantically retweeting hissy fit tweets.

That, by the way, is author Stephen King’s son. Twitchy readers remember Stephen King’s absurd gun-grabbing, NRA-bashing essay.

Mr. Wheaton complained about unhinged crazy on Twitter (conservatives, natch). Unhinged, heal thyself.

Update: Post has been edited to correct a typo in the numbers (54-46, not 55-46)