Oh, here comes the good old race card! As Twitchy reported, CNN broke the news that a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing has been identified. John King reported it was a “dark-skinned” male. Cue the outrage!

Yep. It wasn’t just the predictable Gwen Ifill. King was also on the receiving end of some freak-outs because he said he wouldn’t give further information so as to not “inflame tensions.”

Huh. But, here come the lib freak-outs.

As Twitchy reported, Salon’s David Sirota is hardest hit. Remember, he hoped the bomber was a “white guy.

Sirota wasn’t alone.

Here is an idea, libs. Why not be happy that the case is moving forward and justice may be served? But, then, that doesn’t serve your grievance-mongering, does it?

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