Yes, they did.

You can read Savage’s predictable review here. Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers wonders what other reviewers the New York Times has lined up:

Twitter users, including the book’s author, agree with Ms. Powers.


That’s right. The anti-bullying bully went on an anti-Christian tirade. When high school students protested, he called them “pansy asses.” Ah, the tolerance!

And, of course he did!

Oh, sweetie. If you want to see a persecution complex, you need only look in the mirror. Ms. Powers does not let Dan Savage or his Twitter fans get away with it.

Some of his best parents are Christian, people! Case closed.

Gracious. Savage? Not so much.

Ms. Powers also points out another oh-so-classy act by the anti-bullying bully. It gets better? Not if Savage disagrees with you.

You must walk in good little lockstep, gay Americans.

And Chris Barron of the GOProud “house f**gots”, whom Savage also compared to drug-addled gays, weighs in.


Correct. We’re waiting, Mr. Savage.