Indeed. But, that doesn’t suit the dehumanizing agenda. Twitchy has extensively reported on the media’s blackout of the Gosnell trial. The power of social media has shamed some in the media to start reporting on the house of horrors. But, how are they reporting it? Nothing to see here, move along.

Speaking of Stylebooks, we at Twitchy asked the Associated Press a question recently. They dropped the term “illegal immigrant,” after being pressured by those with an agenda who claimed the term was dehumanizing. People shouldn’t be labeled! Well, what about the term fetus? And now lapdogs are applying it to babies born alive.

The fishwrap of record said Gosnell is accused of killing “seven viable fetuses,” and other outlets followed reprehensible suit.

Unreal. Twitter users are disgusted.

The Daily Beast did as well.

In Philadelphia, Dr. Kermit Gosnell stands accused of gruesome crimes. When police raided his abortion clinic in 2010, they said they found the remains of late-term fetuses he’d allegedly delivered before cutting their spinal cords with scissors.


Moreover, as Jeffrey Goldberg points out, this has disturbing implications for late-term abortions.  It suggests that sometimes, those fetuses are delivered alive.

They can’t use the old “clump of cells” euphemism. It’s hard to do that when the grand jury report shows that one of the “clump of cells” was so large that his legs hung over the side of the shoebox he was shoved into [graphic photos at link].  “Clumps of cells” don’t have feet that can allegedly be severed and put in jars. “Clumps of cells” don’t scream, as a Gosnell house of horrors worker testified, when their necks are cut as they are taking their first, and last breaths.

Neither do “fetuses,” defined by Merriam Webster as “an unborn vertebrate,” contemptible lapdogs.

Bingo. Plus, they might have to ask some questions of President “limp and dead” Obama.

Enough, media. Shame on you.


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