As Twitchy reported earlier, NRA supporters were faced with a minor dilemma. Should they boycott tonight’s NRA-sponsored race to protest NASCAR’s backtracking on its relationship with the NRA, or should they forge ahead and show their support despite NASCAR’s wishy-washy statement about “taking a closer look” at their choice of sponsors moving forward? The latter group seems to have won out, as #NRA500 trended nationally tonight.

Glenn Beck wasn’t the only conservative talker on hand. Despite the “controversy,” Laura Ingraham didn’t seem to mind being pictured with the NRA 500 logo one bit, and we’d bet her listeners are just fine with that.

The so-called “reverse boycott” in favor of the NRA might have won NASCAR some viewers, but to many, Fox Sports seemed reluctant to roll out the welcome mat.

Maybe liberal NASCAR fans did boycott the event, because Laura Ingraham didn’t run into any.