If you’d like to argue that the pro-abortion Left hasn’t twisted itself into a pretzel over coverage of the Kermit Gosnell murder trial, try untangling this mess first. Following a huge push by conservatives on social media, CNN (and several other news networks) at last covered the trial that arose from Gosnell’s abortion “house of horrors.” Erin Burnett’s guest tonight, Donna Brazile, opined that both the Left and Right have allowed the grisly story to fly beneath the radar; yes, the same Donna Brazile who has been tweeting Media Matters’ and Salon’s swipes at conservative media for ignoring the story, which Salon claims has received “copious” coverage from feminist blogs and such.


Yeah, pretty much.

Burnett’s reward for conceding that maybe, possibly liberals are culpable for burying the story? A tweet from Media Matters exposing her right-wing bias, apparently.

Burnett’s so far to the right, she had to have both Brazile and Salon’s Irin Carmon on to provide balance.

Carnival’s infamous “poop cruise”? Now that was a house of horrors, right?

Those were the good old days of journalism, huh?


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