How does she feel? Like this:

So, those who believe in the sanctity of human life are ultimately responsible for the women and babies who died at the hands of Kermit Gosnell? Marcotte’s intellectual acrobatics are truly twisted — and downright dangerous.

That’s what happens at abortion clinics, Amanda. Murdering actual babies.

Pardon our French, but what the hell is wrong with this woman?

Marcotte thinks she’s entitled to credit for her previous work exposing Gosnell:

So, what sort of work did she do?

In her “coverage,” Marcotte’s urged readers to be skeptical about the reports that women and children were killed and made pro-life activists the enemy.

Here’s how the article concludes:

These particular charges involve late-term abortion, and all I could think upon reading the news story was, “I wish these women could have gone to Dr. George Tiller,” because he was renowned for the quality of care provided at his Kansas clinic.  But sadly, that wasn’t even an option, even for those who could afford it, as Dr. Tiller’s life was taken by an anti-choice extremist in 2009.  When vacuums are created, we shouldn’t be surprised when they suck in a bunch of junk.

It takes a special kind of sick to spew that kind of filth.

Absolutely loathsome.


More brilliance from Ace:

Read the whole thing.