No, he can’t.

Twitchy has extensively documented the media silence on the trial of baby murderer Kermit Gosnell. This morning, NBC News’ Russert found out just how deafening that silence is. He wanted to let his followers know about the “horrifying” testimony being given at the Gosnell trial. Good on him for that. Unfortunately, NBC couldn’t help him out. Russert had to link instead to the Philadelphia Inquirer — a local outlet:

What does it say about your own network’s news reputation when you can’t even look to it for coverage?


Hey, good point!

Are the lives of the unborn and newly born worth nothing?

Countless innocent children have been slaughtered by Gosnell. The media should be spreading this story far and wide.

That’s an excellent question.

Now’s your chance to prove your worth as a journalist, Luke. Will you?