Noted firearms expert Joe Biden dropped by MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Thursday to share more wisdom on shotguns.

As we’ve already been told, a shotgun is much easier to handle than an AR-15. And if you think an intruder is around, a couple of blasts in the air or through a door is totally the way to go.

Today we learned that shotgun rounds won’t penetrate a wall and kill children like those horrible, no-good AR-15s.

You know, they make fun of my saying about “use a shotgun” if someone’s invading your home. Guess what, use a shotgun if someone’s invading your home you don’t kill your kids. Use an AR-15 and it goes through the wall and can kill your kid in the bedroom.

So, responsible AR-15 owners will kill their kids if they try to defend their homes, but blasting your wall with a shotgun? Gun safety, Biden style!

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