The decision to send snapshots of his crotch to strangers was Anthony Weiner’s own, but if the New York Times Magazine is to be believed, the late Andrew Breitbart had nothing to do with forcing Weiner’s hand when it was time to be straight with his wife and the public. That’s strange; we remember Breitbart being so essential to the story that he ended up at the podium at Weiner’s own press conference.

Ace of Spades remembers as well. So how does a professional news publication like the New York Times Magazine manage to so thoroughly overlook Breitbart’s pivotal role? It’s almost as though the Times is trying to pave the way for Weiner’s political comeback.

A correction really isn’t that difficult to post, New York Times Magazine. Look, Ace will even write it for you.

We’ve seen all we want to see of Weiner, but if you can’t get enough of Ace, click over to Ace of Spades HQ for a further dissection of the Weinergate timeline alongside excerpts from the NYT Magazine piece.

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