Zing! As Twitchy reported, MSNBC ran an “unflippingbelievable” spot by Melissa Harris-Perry that basically said “all your children belong to us.” Earlier today, Ms. Harris-Perry doubled-down, after whining about being “persecuted” when people, you know, took umbrage with the idea that their children aren’t really theirs. Twitter users schooled her: It does take a village to school a collectivist village idiot.

Now, Fox News’ “The Five” took the spot on.

And it was beautiful. Watch!

Gutfeld, as always, hit it out of the park.


Indeed. What about babies born alive … and screaming … during an abortion?

Amen. Hello? Mama grizzlies! Mama grizzly extraordinaire, Sarah Palin, weighed in again earlier today with an amazing zinger: “You didn’t birth this.” 

Twitter users all notice a little something familiar: The Borg.

The gang also slammed the academia Ivory Tower. Ms. Harris-Perry needs to start sipping on her chai lattes outside of the tower once in a while.

Alas, that likely won’t help.

But, hey, there is a plus side, as Gutfeld also wisely pointed out!



Truth and co-signed. And not just because he said that Twitchy is “the most interesting thing I’ve seen happen.”

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