Utterly appalling. No H8?


What is wrong with you? Yesterday, we reported the incredibly sad news that Pastor Rick Warren’s son Matthew committed suicide. Those with a moral compass and, you know, human decency sent prayers and condolences to Matthew Warren’s friends and family.

Revoltingly, the morally bankrupt took to Twitter to spew hate during this devastating time of loss. Blogger SooperMexican chronicled the first wave of degeneracy, wherein sickos gleefully asked if Matthew Warren was gay: Read it all here, if you can stomach it.

The depraved are still at it.

Liberals constantly embrace anti-bullying bullies like Dan Savage and feign concern for gay people. “It gets better?” Not if there is a way to exploit a tragedy and dance on the graves of the dead. Dan Savage did put his tolerance bullying aside for today.

He has a stitch of human decency, for once. But the rest of the tolerance brigade? They have been putting their full depravity on display.

Indeed. We have chronicled some horrifying displays of hate, but this is beyond sickening. And it’s not stopping.






If you want to see mental illness, look in the mirror. Depraved hate is a mental illness. Please, seek help.






Hate-spewers, heal thyselves.

For shame.


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