Unreal. Or, unflippingreal as Sarah Palin would say. First MSNBC exposed itself with the exploitative use of a five-year-old child to discuss same-sex marriage. Now this.

Not very collectivist-y, Jonathan!

Zing! MSNBC’s new slogan should be “Lean Forward … into self-parody.”

But, Ms. Palin wasn’t done blasting the lapdog media. Next up? CNN.

She followed up that tweet, linking to a Breitbart article that lambasted CNN for a blatantly inaccurate attack on Palin, with this tweet linking to her Facebook page.


En Fuego, indeed.

More from Sarah Palin’s FaceBook page:

CNN: it’s no wonder your ratings still aren’t matching competitors. American viewers are smarter than you assume, and we simply want truth in reporting.

Please see the article linked below. Wolf Blitzer’s recent coverage of this story really was blisteringly dishonest. First, because he didn’t reach out to me or the SarahPAC staff for rebuttal. Second, because he failed to disclose the anti-tea party associations of the “architect” of this story whose organization is a competitor of my efforts to advance the candidacies of genuine grassroots conservatives – not those handpicked by the permanent political class.

As a side note, I find it interesting that CNN recently disclosed that their old “Crossfire” show might hit their airwaves again. Wasn’t CNN among those who issued blistering criticism about the use of a “crossfire” icon in 2010 to represent political districts we wished to see represented by commonsense conservatives? CNN, among others, implied that using a “crossfire” icon (which was a tactic first employed by Democrats to illustrate political maps of districts they “targeted” to win) was inciting violence.

Boom. The side note makes an excellent point.

Violent rhetoric, CNN! Inaccuracy and hypocrisy, thy name is CNN.

Fight like a girl? You flipping betcha.


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