Via Politico:

On Wednesday, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano announced that she was extending the legal status of immigrants from Honduras and Nicaragua for another 18 months. The action was purportedly taken to allow the countries more time to recover from a hurricane. If you’re having trouble remembering a huge hurricane that hit the region recently, it’s not you. The disaster which led to the deportation halt, Hurricane Mitch, took place in the fall of 1998—more than 14 years ago.

About 64,000 Hondurans and 3,000 Nicaraguans are affected by the programs. Another TPS for El Salvador based on earthquakes in 2001 affects even more people: 212,000, making it a major source of remittances for that country.

Of course, for some, it’s not enough:

It’s never enough.

As Twitchy founder/CEO Michelle Malkin noted eight years ago, “In effect, the [Temporary Protected Status] designation is amnesty by another name. There is nothing temporary about it.”

What a sham.

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