Navratilova may be an expert on the tennis court, but when it comes to the gun control debate? She might want to stay on the sidelines. Not only does she think grave-dancin’ fool Piers Morgan is the bee’s knees:

But this afternoon, she gave Jim Carrey her official seal of approval, calling his “Cold Dead Hand” video — which mocks gun owners and the late Charlton Heston — “hilarious.” Hilarious!

Forgive us if we fail to see anything funny about Carrey’s assertion that Second Amendment advocates are child-hating, “heartless motherf*ckers.”

Navratilova didn’t take kindly to being called out:

Um, did she watch the same video we did? Shouldn’t parody be witty? Clever? “Cold Dead Hand” was neither of those things.

She continued:

Oh no? So, suggesting that gun owners are “shooting blanks” and “impotent” isn’t demeaning? Could’ve fooled us.

This isn’t about having a sense of humor; this is about viciously demonizing Americans who believe in our constitutional right to bear arms.

Bad call, Martina.

(Hat tip: @RichardRSmithJr)

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