After Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper signed anti-gun bills into law, Magpul began making arrangements to leave “occupied territory.” HiViz Shooting Systems is on its way out as well, refusing to support a state with “a willingness to infringe upon the constitutional rights of our customer base.”

But Colorado won’t be the only state throwing away jobs by spitting on the Second Amendment.

Earlier this year, gun manufacturer Beretta signaled that it would consider leaving Maryland if Gov. Martin O’Malley signed an anti-gun bill. That bill is now headed to O’Malley’s desk and includes an assault weapons ban, magazine limit and fingerprint requirements.

Beretta is “waiting to see what the signed bill looks like” before making any announcements about relocation plans. But freedom-loving citizens in other states are more than ready to welcome the gun manufacturer and its 300 to 400 jobs.