Put down your drink and take a deep breath.

The campaigner in chief returned to California Wednesday for a pair of fundraising events for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Not only is Obama “constrained” by that pesky Constitution; He explained to donors how tough it is to push through his agenda when the Republican opposition … opposes him.

And man, does he miss the halcyon days of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

See, Obama totally wants to govern, but it ain’t easy being POTUS without a “fearless leader” like Pelosi by his side.

You know what else is awesome about Pelosi (in addition to her smooth moves on the dance floor)? According to Obama, “She never lets ideology cloud her judgment.” Really:

“She is thoughtful, she’s visionary, she’s as tough as nails. She is practical.  She never lets ideology cloud her judgment,” Obama said proudly.

We know a lot of people who’d beg to differ. The two things they all have in common? Eyes and ears.

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