The National Republican Congressional Committee has a shiny new web strategy: I can haz BuzzFeed?

More from National Journal:

Staffers at the National Republican Congressional Committee are finishing up a site redesign that’ll likely be rolled out this weekend. The new does away with all the typical features of a political website, emulating instead the style of the Web juggernaut whose top headlines currently include “10 Easter Bunnies Straight From Hell” and “14 Photos Of George W. Bush Touching Bald Men’s Heads.”

Yes. They’re going to copy BuzzFeed.

More from one of the strategists behind the LOLcat-ization of the NRCC:

Will listicles like “13 Animals That Are Really Bummed on Obamacare’s Third Birthday” help the GOP bring in more money and win elections? Reaction is mixed.

BuzzFeeders are loving the attention.

This may not be the end of the BuzzFeeding of politics:

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