Is anyone else noticing a pattern here? President Barack Obama was recently elected to a second term despite confessing that “you can’t change Washington from inside.” He’s had to explain to disappointed supporters that he’s not an emperor. Why hasn’t he signed more executive actions on immigration reform like he did for gun control? He’s not a king, you guys.

So don’t be too hard on the man if he’s not grabbing guns out of people’s hands, even if it would save just one child. As he explained at a gun control roundtable in Denver, Colo., today, he’s constrained by the screwed-up system the founding fathers put into place. No, really.

Powerful? The most powerful man in the world passing the buck to the authors of the Bill of Rights to save face is powerful?

He’s not unreasonable, though. Even the first lady had to admit that you bitter clingers — um, modern-day pioneers — out in the wild might want a firearm; maybe a musket. It was good enough for the founders.