We’ve learned that Twitter is forever, whether tweets are deleted or not. This classic 2009 tweet from MSNBC host Touré resurfaced today and came as news to his fellow “real journalist,” CNN’s Piers Morgan.

We’re not so sure it “appears” to have been deleted, as a quick search easily turned up the original from 2009. To give Touré the benefit of the doubt, he only called the 2007 conspiracy video “fascinating,” the same way that we might say it’s fascinating that Touré actually has his own cable news show. No such benefit of the doubt was extended from pro reporter Morgan, though.


Ouch! When Piers Morgan calls you out on being a conspiracy theorist, it might be time to go back and clean up that Twitter timeline. Could racism somehow be to blame? Stay tuned!


There was more than that one tweet calling the Truther video fascinating. Charles C. Johnson listed three Truther tweets in this post.

(Hat tip: @patterico.)