Wow! Rep. Jack Kimble of California’s 54th district is gonna catch some well-deserved heat for that tweet.

Or not. If his Twitter account reads like a parody, that’s because … wait for it … it is! Obvious parody is obvious:

No, no they don’t.


There’s no Rep. Jack Kimble and no 54th congressional district in California. The super-professional Blogspot blog is also a hint.

Truth! And so are the Twitter users who fell for his tweets, like Obama’s 2012 campaign press secretary Ben LaBolt.

Huffington Post reporter Elise Foley:


Guardian columnist Michael Cohen:

And many, many others:

Evidently a fake account is the reason the GOP is dying.

Eventually word got around that the account doesn’t belong to an actual congressman.

Er … says a lot about you, right?