When Snoop Dogg isn’t tweeting lists of reasons he wouldn’t vote for Romney (including ‘bitch got a dancing horse) or ideas about teaching his child’s peewee football team how to smoke weed, he is hanging with his new buddy Piers Morgan. As Twitchy reported, the BFFs chatted it up on “Piers Morgan Tonight” on Thursday. Best buds! The rapper is turning reggae artist and has a new track titled “No Guns Allowed.

Now, Piers has made a photo of him and the rapper a centerpiece on his Twitter profile.


Twitter users can’t help but note the rapper’s past and the blatant hypocrisy being exhibited by Piers “Musket” Morgan, the gun-grabbing ghoul.


That’s alright. He clearly doesn’t  care about them. He only cares about using them and dancing on the backs of the dead to further an agenda.

And his own floundering career.