Bingo. As Obamacare turns 3, binders full of moochers are once again taking to Twitter to thank Obama for lady pills. Now, Debbie Wasserman Schultz enters the absurd mix. Wasserman Schultz, who just claimed her staffers are near starving due to Sequesterpocalygeddon, took to Twitter this afternoon to thank Obamacare as a “step forward in driving down health care costs.”

Oh, honey. Just precious!

Twitter users swiftly correct her. Words, like math, are hard. “Down”? Try “up,” Debbie.

If Ms. Wasserman Schultz simply took a quick look at Twitter, she’d see that the above Twitter users aren’t alone.

Thanks, ACA? Try again, Wasserman Schultz. Since we are givers, here is some quick reading to get you up to speed. We know you can’t read a bill before passing it, but perhaps you will lower yourself to read about the effects after it has been passed. It’s not like you can read the 20,000 pages (and counting) of regulations,

You’re welcome.