You’ve come a long way, baby!

As Twitchy has reported, Obama’s binders full of moochers go into full-cult mode when they discover Big Daddy Government has done away with birth control co-pays. Empowerment 2013-style?

On Obamacare’s third birthday, Sandra Fluke’s lady-parts brigade is still swooning over Obamacare “freebies.”

But, of course, Obamacare freebies come at a cost and not everyone is happy about it.

But never mind that Obamacare is a job-killing disaster that’s driving doctors out of practice and causing sharp increases in health insurance premiums. Sure, our paychecks are smaller this year, but birth control is “free”! And truly empowered women are happy to prostrate themselves before the man doling out the pills (or forcing insurers to dole them out).

After the 2012 election, some Obama supporters were disenchanted with The One when they saw their paychecks shrink. But for some women “scoring” at the pharmacy, smaller paychecks won’t get in the way of their love for President Sugar Daddy.