Irony, thy name is Donald.

The self-unaware man-child otherwise known as Donald Trump is having yet another of his trademark tantrums. After Malkin called him out yesterday for his faux-conservative jackassery, the Donald returned fire this morning with these tasty little nuggets:

Oh, ouch! We’re gonna need some aloe for that burn!

Of course, Malkin was no match for Trump’s blistering genius … said no one, ever:

Naturally, the back-and-forth had Buzzfeed hack Andrew Kaczynski salivating:

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Because, douchenozzle.

Others, though, knew that Trump never had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning this intellectual brawl:

Words to live by, Donald.


Somebody’s a glutton for punishment:

Donald, Donald, Donald … you really should know better by now.



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