As a noted Occupy Wall Street fanSlates Matt Yglesias is big time sympathizer with the 99%. He stands up for the normal people fighting the overpaid doctors and other wealthy people. He is arm in arm with the brave souls who speak truth to power — even if that truth requires defecating on a police car.

With such an egalitarian vision, we assume that Yglesias lives a normal life, far from the decadent 1% fat cats who are dragging this nation down.

Actually — hold that thought — look what turned up in the latest issue of the Washingtonian.

 Journalist and political blogger Matthew Yglesias bought a three-bedroom, three-bath condo on Q Street in Logan Circle for $1.2 million. In a converted Victorian rowhouse, the unit has original exposed-brick walls and a private patio. Yglesias writes about business and the economy for Slate.

No, Matt, no! We thought you were down with the Occupiers.

$1.2 million dollars? That’s, like, even more than Dr. Evil wanted! There are so many better uses for that cash. I mean, that would totally buy, like, two years worth of bong hits for all your friends from the Occupy camp. Like, spread the wealth, dude!

It’s okay Matt, we know your heart’s in the right place. We know you’re fighting against all the other filthy rich people. Even if you’ve got a big fancy house in an exclusive neighborhood, you’re still one of us. You’re not dropping $10 million on a condo like Chelsea Clinton did. Besides, $1.2 million is more like the 98th percentile, so maybe you can still be in the 99%.

You’re totally going to invite all the homeless Occupy people to your next dinner party, right?


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