Is it time for Colorado to bid farewell to Magpul Industries?

Last week, the Colorado State House passed HB 1224, a bill outlawing high-capacity magazines holding more than 15 rounds, but, unlike what many expected, Gov. John Hickenlooper didn’t sign it right away. Gun rights advocates took that as a sign that maybe, just maybe, common sense and the Second Amendment would prevail. Unfortunately, their hopeful bubble may be bursting:

So there’s still time for him to see the light. Second Amendment supporters are urging the governor not to cave to pressure and stand up for our right to bear arms:

If Hickenlooper indeed signs the bill, gun rights activists are vowing to make his road to reelection a very bumpy one:

What happens in Colorado doesn’t stay in Colorado. If Coloradans’ constitutional rights are infringed, the very same could happen in the rest of the country.



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