As Twitchy reported yesterday, the tolerance brigade was on full (and grossly predictable) display after Dr. Ben Carson’s speech at CPAC 2013. One of the contemptible people who called Dr. Carson a “token”?

Freelon is an assistant professor at American University.

Deen Freelon is Assistant Professor of Public Communication. His expertise is in mapping and analyzing online content, behavior, and outcomes, particularly related to political communication. Freelon has published in peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Communication, New Media & Society, and Information, Communication & Society. He is also the creator of ReCal, an online intercoder reliability application that has been used by thousands of researchers around the world. He formerly served as a technology trainer, web designer, and multimedia consultant at Duke University.

Unbelievable, except it’s totally believable, especially at institutes of alleged higher learning.

After his repugnant tweet was noticed, Mr. Freelon not only tried to make himself the victim, but doubled-down on his jackassery.


Most doesn’t include his own, clearly. Calling someone a “token” is not “healthy disagreement.” It’s repulsive.

Stay classy and tolerant, professor. Twitter users kindly provide some teachable moments to the professor.

Bingo. It is contemptible and it must end. But it won’t end with the professor.

Perhaps the Left can answer this question, posed by Dr. Carson himself during his incredible speech: “When did we reach a point where you have to have a certain philosophy because of the color of your skin?”

According to the professor, that’s the way it shall remain. All “you people” must think alike. If that isn’t racist, what is?

It is also enslavement: You must not dare think outside of the plantation’s group-think.

Like Allen West said, also at CPAC, nothing scares liberals more than black Americans who want a better life and smaller government. Those who are attacking Dr. Carson prove that.

Amen. And the party that sees people as individuals, will support him, always.

Freedom, not enslavement. Who has the problem?