Liberals finally found a reason to pay close attention to CPAC after an audience member spoke in favor of segregation. While liberals dismissed former congressman and CPAC superstar Allen West as a “token,” outlets like ThinkProgress and Talking Points Memo moved quickly to make Scott Terry, reportedly a member of the White Student Union at Towson University in Maryland, the face of CPAC. The panel was dedicated to minority outreach, but the true minority in the room seemed to be Terry and White Union founder Matthew Heimbach.

ThinkProgress reports, “Several people in the audience cheered and applauded Terry’s outburst” questioning Frederick Douglass’ forgiveness of his former slave master, although video doesn’t seem to bear out that account, despite being embedded within ThinkProgress’ report.

The Guardian, which also embedded video of the incident, reported that the session “almost broke out into a race riot.”

Jason Howerton of The Blaze spoke to Terry and assures readers that Terry is not the face of conservatism, despite what media coverage would like the public to believe.

Real conservatives are familiar enough with this narrative, unfortunately.

In case anyone in the liberal media is interested, K. Carl Smith was the invited presenter and had plenty of interest to say. Anyone?

Editor’s note: Thanks to commenters for pointing out the bad link and typo. Fixed!