Like many Hollywood environmentalists, actress Alicia Silverstone objects to generically-modified crops, which have made food cheaper and more plentiful. Today the Clueless actress urged her supporters to oppose a Senate measure that would make it harder for environmental groups to shut down GMO crops via bogus lawsuits:

Last year, Monsanto was unsuccessful in getting their riders into the 2013 Agriculture Appropriations Bill (H.R. 5973), but now they are back! The Farmer Assurance Provision, Sec. 735, nicknamed “Monsanto Protection Act,” is back and the Senate could pass it as early as next week if we don’t act quickly!

Late Monday night, biotech lobbyists slipped this dangerous biotech rider into the Senate Continuing Resolution spending bill. If it passes, it would strip federal courts of their authority to stop the sale and planting of an illegal and potentially hazardous GMO crop.

It would allow biotech companies to continue to sell their unapproved seeds to farmers, who could plant them while important legal appeals are taking place, instead of halting the planting of the unapproved crop until the court settled the appeal as has been done up until now. It basically temporarily approves farmers to continue to use GMO crops while courts make their decisions about them, even if they’re harmful to our health and to the environment!

Not true. As Twitchy noted a few months ago, the provision in question would simply allow farmers to grow federally-approved GMO crops while legal appeals are ongoing.


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