We already know not to question Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s encyclopedic knowledge of guns, and now we know we certainly don’t want to question her knowledge of the Constitution. She’s been in Washington a long, long time, and she let her colleague, freshman Sen. Ted Cruz, know that she’s pretty darn familiar with the founding documents. In fact, she told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer she felt “patronized” by Cruz bringing up the constitutionality of her assault weapon ban and needed some time to cool down before she could speak to him again.

What the Bill of Rights needs, apparently, is someone like Feinstein to set limits. Sure, her assault weapon ban would take hundreds of firearms out of the public’s hands, but she’s leaving you with her personal selection of 2,271 weapons to choose from: isn’t that enough? She must know the Bill of Rights way better than we do to have found that precise number in there. That, and the word “need.”