Just when you thought the cretinous Michael Moore couldn’t scratch and burrow himself down any lower, he does. The beyond contemptible vulture known as Michael Moore has called for photographs of the murdered children in Newtown to be released.


Dancing on the graves of children isn’t enough. Now he wants visual accompaniment of slaughtered children. Utterly sickening.

Sean Hannity discussed Moore’s repugnant call on his television show on Fox News last night.

Moore recently said that the NRA hates freedom and wants children dead. Now, he doubles-down on his repugnancy and reprehensible politicization of a tragedy, and says that Newtown was the “handiwork” of Sean Hannity’s political beliefs.

His despicable piece calls for “finishing off” the NRA. Violent rhetoric, Michael? He then goes on to blame them for dead children, again, as well as the Second Amendment. Which is totally racist or something, since it was written by old, white guys. His “piece” is not only full of errors and false arguments, but it is an exercise in moral bankruptcy.

Twitter users rightly give him, and fellow vulture Piers Morgan, who called his piece “powerful,” the business. It’s hard to do when so sickened by such depraved men, but they managed.

For shame, Michael Moore. Of course, you wouldn’t understand that, since you have no shame. Nor a shred of decency in your entire body.

God help us, indeed.