Repugnant, as always. “Comedian” Rob Delaney is always letting his foul side show. Today was no different. The “comedian” felt the need to make a gay “joke” about the choosing of the new pope, Pope Francis I, and the church’s bravery, natch.

Laura Ingraham pointed out a little something to the oh-so-edgy Delaney.

Boom. Of course, “comedian” Rob Delaney’s fans let their sexism fly in response to Ms. Ingraham, as usual. An example:

Delaney’s “retort” was just pitiful.

Mia Farrow, who claimed that American Catholics were praying for a liberal pope (who might be a ‘queen’), retweeted Rob Delaney.

Delaney then threw in some Argentinian-bashing. He’s classy and brave like that.

More Twitter users call out Mr. Delaney for his cowardice.

But, wait! He really is brave!

Get it? Fox News … yuk, yuk, yuk!

This Twitter user puts it all in a nutshell.



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