But, of course! The White House-Hollywood industrial complex doesn’t play by pesky rules. Sequester Shmequester! Michelle Obama has birthday party planning to do.

More from Breitbart.com:

The same week that President Obama’s administration announced that due to sequestration, White House tours would be cancelled, sources at the White House announced that it would be hosting megastars Adele and Beyonce at Michelle’s 50th birthday party next year. “America’s First Lady will be holding a huge celebrity-packed party for her birthday at the White House next year and, as she adores Adele and Beyonce, she has asked them both to sing,” the source told the UK Daily Mail. The source did say that “The Obamas will pay Adele’s expenses as it’s a private party, not a State one.”

But will they pay all the expenses of the party? Security arrangements? Food? Cleanup? White House parties are expensive affairs.


It should come as no surprise to Twitchy readers: As we’ve reported, Michelle has quite the FLO-mance going with Beyoncé and the president canoodles up a storm with the singer as well.

While the big bash won’t be held until next January, Twitter users question the optics.

And Laura Ingraham gets to the crux of the matter.

Yep. With more mom dancing? Here’s a protip: Watch Michelle Malkin’s “Evolution of Liberal Dance” instead. Just be prepared to giggle madly!