The hashtag #StandWithRand has been at or near the top of Twitter’s trending topics list for hours now, and if you contributed to that trend, there’s a chance Sen. Ted Cruz just read your tweet into the Congressional Record.

Cruz, who was quite literally standing with Sen. Rand Paul several hours into his filibuster over the nomination of John Brennan for CIA director, relieved his colleague by reciting a selection of #StandWithRand tweets.

Paul, who confessed to not being quite up to speed on social media, did say a tweet from Attorney General Eric Holder on the Constitutionality of drone strikes on American citizens would suffice to end the filibuster. How about it, Attorney General Holder? That would take only two characters; three at most.


Here is a selection of tweets Cruz read on the floor.

It seems Sen. Paul is inspring people in more ways than one.


It’s after 10 p.m., and Sen. Cruz is back at it.

Sen. Paul sends his thanks.

Editor’s note: We removed a tweet that was posted as a joke.