Wait … you expect left-wing media to adhere to the same standards as conservative media? Don’t you know who they are?

James O’Keefe and his crew at Project Veritas must get really sick of hearing about “selective editing.” Without fail, each time he releases a new undercover video that catches lefties with their pants down, the attempt to discredit him begins with cries of “selective editing!!111!”

And each time, Project Veritas produces the raw footage.

Funny how those shrill cries can’t be heard when a progressive journalist or “real reporter” releases edited video.

Remember when the media salivated over Mother Jones’ hidden camera video of Mitt Romney and rolled their eyes when Romney asked for the release of the full tape? It took “just a blogger” William Jacobson to force editor David Corn to admit the video was missing a couple of minutes.

O’Keefe remembers, and today he’s reminding Corn.

No response from Corn, natch. He already won a Polk Award for the incomplete video he released. No need to revisit that now.

In September, O’Keefe needed just four short words to expose the media’s hypocrisy:

This one ought to make some liberal heads go haywire:

If you haven’t watched the latest Project Veritas video of police telling citizens, “You’re on your own,” check it out here.

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