Just when you thought the #filiblizzard couldn’t get any better:


Good stuff.



Biggest ‘news’ of the night: Marco Rubio’s awkward water grab; Update: Video added; Update: #Rubioing, #RubioFilms

Rubio adviser tweets photo of ‘the most famous bottle of water in American politics’

The sip heard ’round the world: Rubio drinks water; Media dutifully carry water for the Left

#WaterBottlegate responses: Senator Rubio scores big; Poland Spring late to the game [photos]

CNN graphic labels Rubio’s water sip, ‘Career-Ender?’; Update: ‘We were joking’

How many Twitter followers was Marco Rubio’s sip of water worth?

Marco Rubio’s Reclaim America PAC offering the Rubio-branded water bottle

Pathetic: Politico muses about the ‘lasting effect’ of ‘Rubio’s watergate’ on the GOP

Rent-free in their heads: MSNBC runs Rubio drinking water clip 155 times. In one day.

Marco Rubio gets last laugh, raises over $100,000 by selling water bottles

Awesome photo: Benjamin Netanyahu and Marco Rubio bump water bottles in Israel

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