But that’s exactly what this president is doing. Not having gotten its fill of fear-mongering, the White House has announced that all public tours are being canceled. Why? Take a wild guess.

Oh, the president’s serious, all right. Serious about acting like a petulant child:

So, if we’ve got this straight, with America supposedly teetering on the precipice of a full-blown sequesterpocalypse, why is the White House’s first move to cancel tours?

Aren’t there larger, more pressing corners that could be cut?

Conservatives are coming up with plenty of of unnecessary expenses that should go under the knife:





But let him be clear: it’s the Republicans who are sensationalizing sequestration.

Ugh. This is sequester theater, pure and simple.

And, guy who fancies himself a hero for the working man, doesn’t the president realize that canceling tours will only benefit the wealthy?

The other 99 percent of us are totally getting the shaft:




No kidding.



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