Next up, keening and yanking of hair. Like actress Lena Dunham, Mia Farrow is oh-so-upset about the “racial incident” at Oberlin College. Only, you know, as Twitchy reported earlier, the person spotted in “KKK paraphernalia” appears to have been someone wearing a blanket. Beware the nefarious and dastardly blanket wielder!


Twitchy founder and Oberlin alum Michelle Malkin tries to help out the deluded and histrionic Farrow.

Indeed. Once again, it’s time to school a Hollywood lib. As Michelle Malkin notes, Oberlin has a history of manufacturing hate crimes. Hey, what better way to teach students how to shroud themselves in a veil of victim-hood for life-long stints as perpetual grievance mongers, right?

Plus, you know, cuckoo pants.


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