On Monday, The Washington Post reported that a Dominican escort who was allegedly paid to have sex with Sen. Bob Menendez had recanted her story. In response, The Daily Caller noted that WaPo apparently can’t keep its Dominican prostitutes straight and that the woman mentioned in the WaPo story, Nexis de los Santos Santana, was not one of the two women interviewed by the Caller for its November report.

The Washington Post also reported that “Daily Caller Editor Tucker Carlson did not reply to phone calls and e-mails requesting comment.”

That’s not what happened, says Carlson.

He took to Twitter Tuesday morning to slam one of the reporters. “Time stamps show the WaPo’s Carol Leonnig emailed me more than 30 minutes after posting her story on us, then pretended I didn’t respond,” he tweeted.

“Real” journalism.

So what say you, Carol Leonnig? Did WaPo report that Carlson “did not reply” before he was even emailed?

Carlson noted something else about the affidavit filed by Santana in a Dominican court.

Carlson continues to stand by The Daily Caller’s reporting on allegations that Menendez hired prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. Read The Daily Caller’s statement here:


The Washington Post stands by the original report that Tucker Carlson did not reply to an emailed request for comment before the story was published.

Matthew Boyle, who broke the story at the Daily Caller in November, says Leonnig didn’t reach out to him either.


Transparency: WaPo’s Carol Leonnig reportedly added the bit about how Carlson “did not reply to phone calls and e-mails” after publishing the story. The report does not note the update.

Politico reports:

The Washington Post’s Carol Leonnig did not report that she had reached out to The Daily Caller for comment in her initial report. She later updated her story after reaching out to Carlson, noting that Carlson did not return requests for comment, but updated versions of the story did not — and, so far, do not — mention that the story was updated.


Caught out there: Sleazy WaPo secretly changes Menendez escort article