Serious, You Guys! As Twitchy reported, actress Lena Dunham was among the liberal pants-wetters who wrung their hands over Oberlin’s alleged “racial incidents” (like the rare and extremely dangerous blanket-wearer).  The Associated Press breathlessly tweeted out the news.

Other media outlets giddily reported on the alleged incidents at Oberlin.

But, the Associated Press was quick to squee over Dunham’s absurd tweets themselves. We suspect that the author of the article copied it from notes scrawled in his or her heart-doodled diary. “Lena Dunham 4-Eva!”

Zing! Twichy founder, and Oberlin alumna, Michelle Malkin had a question for the AP.

Huh. Funny how that works, isn’t it? Dunham’s ridiculous tweets furthered the race-baiting narrative and hysteria. Malkin’s furthered the truth. You see, not only does the KKK-like figure seem to have been just someone wrapped in a blanket, but Oberlin College has a history of hate crime hoaxes.

And get ’em, she did.

What say you, AP? If you can take time away from swooning over liberal celebrities, that is.