Wait, what?

That’s right. Secretary of Dunce John Kerry is releasing $250 million in aid to Egypt. Morsi’s power grab? Totally a cause for aid.

More from the New York Times:

The statement issued by Mr. Kerry noted that he and Mr. Morsi had discussed the need to ensure the fairness of Egypt’s coming elections, but it did not mention any specific political commitments the Egyptian president had made to receive the aid.

Parliamentary elections are scheduled for April. Some opposition groups have said they will boycott the vote because of what they see as an effort by Mr. Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood movement to dominate Egyptian politics.

American officials say that Mr. Kerry asserted that moving ahead with difficult economic changes in Egypt would require a degree of political consensus and was implicitly a promise of some political change.

No commitments? But, hey, he got promises and stuff. And we all know that power-grabbing dictators always keep their word!

Promises, you guys! Americans are questioning something else as well: What about Sequesterpocalygeddon?




Sadly, it is all too believable and not really surprising. Elections, they have consequences.