It was almost certain that someone would ask about Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea during the State Department’s daily press briefing today, and the press did not disappoint. “Will the U.S. appoint him as ambassador to North Korea?” asked one reporter, who, to be honest, didn’t get a “no.”

Spokesman Patrick Ventrell made it clear, though, that Rodman shouldn’t wait by the phone. “I’ll just say it here again,” he told reporters. “Dennis Rodman has never been a player in our diplomacy, he does not represent the views of the United States, he is a private American.” State wouldn’t mind hearing from Rodman, though, if he has anything to offer. “If he reaches out to us, I’ll let you know,” said Ventrell.

Is there anyone else who hasn’t weighed in on Dennis Rodman and has something to add? We don’t believe we’ve heard from Arsenio Hall or Albert Brooks yet.

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