Zing! “Saturday Night Live” took on President Obama last night.

Bad or oh-so-good? Twitter users were loving it.


Mediaite has a video clip; Watch and giggle madly.


More from Mediaite:

Saturday Night Live opened tonight’s episode taking on the big sequestration fight in Congress, with Jay Pharaoh as President Obama admitting to the American people that “I really have no idea how money works or how budgets work,” but did his best to explain to the American people the real-world effects of the budget cuts.

Of course, Obama helped put all this into perspective by saying we’ll forget this in a month because we’ll have an even worse crisis to deal with.

Heh. Forward!

Twitter users point out their favorites lines and continue to giggle madly.

Not everyone found it so hysterical, of course. The truth hurts. Waah!

Sigh. Raaaaacist! Pitiful whining aside, the skit was a win on Twitter.



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