Amanda Carpenter was not alone. “This Week” featured noted diplomat Dennis Rodman, who is back on American soil after an oppression tour in North Korea.

Huh. Truth is hard, though. You see, Rodman appeared on “This Week” to continue his reprehensible bromance with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Twitter users were baffled. The Fourth Estate continues to be in its death throes.

Wolf Blitzer does! He called it a “diplomatic triumph.” No, seriously, you guys.

Indeed. And just look at our dunce-like Secretary of State and bumbling buffoon of a Secretary of Defense. But, what did Rodman say on “This Week”? Insanity and inanity.

Don’t hate him just because he loves him some oppressive tyrant who tortures and kills political prisoners.

Yes, he did.

Same things like starvation, torture and execution of political prisoners. But, hey, Kim Jong Un just wants President Obama to call him, maybe.

Unreal. This Twitter user tries to look on the bright side with a movie pitch for the useful idiot.

Update: Call him, he’s just a kid! Unreal:


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