Bless Katrina vanden Heuvel’s precious heart.

In a side-splitting effort to make Bob Woodward “regret” crossing the White House, vanden Heuvel outed her “smart” interns as low-information grunts who “have no idea who Woodward is.” He’s, like, totes irrelevant and probably as old as that Constitution thingy.


Well, yeah, it’s not like Bob Woodward was a fixture on Journolist or something. That’s where the true rock stars of journalism did their most enduring investigative work.

Twitter responded to the esteemed Nation editor with a hilarious and well-deserved thrashing for her celebration of ignorance.


Any response, Katrina?

Real smart.

Take that … interns.

But anyway, back to Katrina fulfilling her sacred role as one of Obama’s bridesmaids:


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